Wednesday, August 24, 2016

First Day of School!

Wow! It has been over a year since I posted. I miss writing and documenting our life here on the blog. Facebook and Instagram have taken over but I want my kids to be able to have something more private. I might do a catch up post soon but for now here are First Day of School pictures! James & Michael are both at the same school! They are in a dual language program and spend half the day learning in Spanish and half the day in English. Michael is in Kindergarten and James is in 2nd grade! Lauren will be starting preschool in two weeks. Simon is in 9th grade and hopefully I will get a first week of school picture soon. I have been extremely blessed with my Plexus business and am starting year 2 as a stay-at-home mom! 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Last day of MDO!

Today was the last day of summer Mother's Day Out! My little ones do not go back to preschool until September! I love this picture of Lauren. She thinks she is a big girl walking to the car by herself! She also loves to carry her lunch and her big brother's! 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! We went to church this morning at CUMC which is where Michael & Lauren also go to school now. Michael goes 2 days a week & Lauren is in the MDO program 1 day. We love going to church where we already have friends! The second picture is Everett & James. They have been friends since they were 8 weeks old and are now in Kindergarten together. 

One of our traditions is to eat lunch at Pappasito's on Easter after church. We decided to go home, let Lauren nap, then go around 5:00 for an early dinner. We had a great time! Lauren loves chips & salsa. She also wants to dip her chip all by herself. I can't imagine where she gets her love of Mexican food from? :) 

Michael was there but he had no interest in being in a picture! Some days he loves the camera and other days not so much. We had a wonderful, relaxing day with our little family! 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Lauren's One Year Pictures

We met my friend and photographer Patti at a park in Frisco on Wednesday morning. Lauren is 13 months old and I wanted to get her one year pictures taken. Michael was there too and Lauren wanted him near her. If he was too far from her she would yell, "Bubba!" until he came back. It was so sweet! The weather was nice too-sunny and in the 70's! The pictures below are only a few sneak peeks. Patti did a great job capturing Lauren's personality! 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday!!!

Happy 1st Birthday to my beautiful baby girl!!! I am still in awe that she is mine. She is the daughter I always wanted but thought I would never have. She is our little princess and has all of her brothers and her Daddy wrapped around her little finger. Lauren, you have brought us so much joy this past year. I can't believe you are already one!! We love you to the moon and back! 

Monday, December 1, 2014


We went to the club to watch Michael perform with his Pre-K class tonight. He was the cutest elf I have ever seen. They sang the 12 days of Christmas and had the cutest moves to go with the song. 

Santa also made an appearance. The boys told him they want a puppy! I told James we will put big red bows on Chloe and Coco on Christmas morning. Four kids, two dogs, and two hermit crabs are enough for now. Lauren was mesmerized by Santa! 
I can't believe Christmas is three weeks away! We bought a lot of the kids' gifts last weekend. Now I need to start wrapping! We put up our tree last night. I will not put up a tree before Thanksgiving but the Friday after Thanksgiving I am ready to have the house decked out for Christmas! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

9 months old

Dear Lauren,

You turned 9 months old yesterday! We went to the pediatrician today for your 9 month checkup. Dr. McClard is our pediatrician but we had this appointment with Dr. Brown. He asked if you were always that h
appy? I said yes! He also said you were VERY social and made eye contact with him the whole time he was checking you out. You are 29" tall (95th percentile), 19 lbs 10 oz (75th percentile), and your head circumference is 17.5' (90th percentile). You are going to be tall but I don't think anyone is surprised. You did not have to get any vaccinations today but you did get your flu shot! You were a brave girl and only cried for a few seconds. We took some pictures while we were waiting. I am so happy I got to spend the day with just you! You are the sweetest girl and I love you to the moon and back!

We also took a few selfies while we were waiting for the nurse to come in. We had fun entertaining each other. This one is my favorite! 

So Lauren Elizabeth, what else are you up to at 9 months old?

You are 29" tall (95th percentile) and 19 lbs 10 oz (75th percentile)

Your hair looks lighter now! There is blonde hair growing in. You still have the most beautiful blue eyes! I never would have guessed that I would have a blonde haired blue eyed daughter.

You wear 9-12 month clothes. I even bought a few 12-18 month leggings and they fit! You do have long legs!

You wear a size 4 diaper and Pampers Swaddlers are my favorite.

You have three teeth! You just got tooth number 3 on October 19th. It is the top, right, front, tooth. 

You said your first word this month! You waved your little hand and said, "bye bye" but it sounded more like "bah bye". You have also said dada, mama, and bubba, but not consistently like bye bye.

You can clap! I say yay every time so now if I say yay, you clap! It's so cute! 

You love to take a bath and were obviously way too big for your infant tub so mommy thought she was pretty smart to put you in the laundry basket in the bath tub! You love it and sometimes your brothers get in there with you too. 

You LOVE your brothers so much. You think they are hilarious and they love to entertain you! Michael likes to get in your crib with you and read you books.

You have been army crawling and you are fast! On Saturday November 1st you pushed up on all fours and started rocking back and forth. You haven't crawled on all fours yet but you will soon. 

You pulled up to standing for the first time this week too! You were sting on a chair with mommy, grabbed the back cushion, and pulled up to standing.

You also pulled up to standing in your crib for the first time today! You then tried to climb out by standing on the bumpers. We are in so much trouble! 

We all love you so much Lauren Elizabeth and can't wait to see what you are up to this next month!


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

4 months old

Dear Lauren,

You are 4 months old! I am so happy we survived this month. Mommy went back to work on May 5th, one day after you turned 3 months old. It was SO hard being away from you during the day even though I knew you were just fine. You were in the Infant room at the same "school" your brother went to at 3 months old with the same teacher. Michael was in the room next door and told me all month long that he was going to protect baby Lauren at school. He is the sweetest big brother. He and James both love you very much! You are the happiest baby and you now laugh a lot! You think Mommy is pretty funny. You did give us a little scare two weeks ago. We had to take you to the Children's Emergency Room on Sunday night before Memorial Day. You had a bad runny nose and cough. On Sunday your cough sounded terrible. That night I could hear you breathing through the monitor and it did not sound right. So we took you to the hospital. The doctor checked you out and you had a chest X-ray. The doctor said your lungs sounded and looked good. The respiratory therapist suctioned your nose and mouth with a vacuum like tube. You were breathing much better! The doctor assured us you would be just fine. Monday Mommy had to go in to school for half a day and Daddy stayed home with you. Tuesday you went back to school but on Tuesday evening the radiologist called Daddy. She was looking over your x-ray and found a small spot of pneumonia on your lungs. She said you would be fine, needed antibiotics, and should stay home from daycare for the rest of the week. It was Mommy's busiest time of year, the second to last week of school, but I was happy to stay home with you! All of my teacher friends and students were very concerned and they all asked about you. By day 2 of us being at home together you were feeling great!

The pool at the club opened Memorial Day weekend! The water was a little cold but you had fun hanging out with everyone. We have been several times since then and you love being outside. You haven't been in the water just yet but you will soon!

We also had our first Mother's Day together. We all went over to our friend's house in the neighborhood for the 2nd annual Crawfish Boil. The kids were swimming but we just hung out by the pool and relaxed. You really are the happiest baby and we can take you anywhere!

Even though you don't need a bath every night we still give you one. You LOVE bath time! It is now part of our nightly routine. You splash in the water and just smile at Mommy or Daddy.

This picture was taken when I had 12 more days left of school. It was just awful only being able to see you for an hour or so in the evening. I am thankful it was only 5 short weeks and one of those I only taught two days since you were sick. At night I would put you to bed and then miss you as soon as you were asleep. We made it though! I have never been happier to be home with you and your brothers.

Speaking of brothers, I thought Michael would be jealous of you once you arrived but I could not have been more wrong! He has always been a mama's boy. In fact I rocked him every night to sleep until the night before you were born. Then once you were here he realized he is a big boy now and is the big brother. He loves you so much! Michael always asks to hold you, hold your bottle, and he lays down with you in bed or on the floor. James loves you too but Michael absolutely adores his baby Lauren!

So Lauren Elizabeth, what else are you up to at 4 months old?

  • You are 24 1/2 inches long and weigh a little over 13 pounds. We will have your official stats after your 4 month appointment next week.
  • You are teething like crazy! In fact your first tooth just broke through two days ago! You have the tiniest white dot on the bottom, front, right side.
  • Your fingers or fist are in your mouth all the time. I have tried a few teething toys but you have not found one you like yet.
  • You do not like a pacifier. I tried to get you to take one and you always spit it out. 
  • You eat 5-6 oz about every three hours. You are on Gerber Good Start formula only now. Mommy made it 3 months breastfeeding. You have adjusted to the bottle only just fine.
  • You have reddish light brown hair and the most gorgeous blue eyes I have ever seen! 
  • You are the happiest baby girl I know!
  • You have been sleeping on your tummy but lately you roll over to your back.
  • You can roll over tummy to back but not back to tummy.
  • You lay on your play mat and spin around on your back.
  • You are reaching and grabbing onto everything.
  • You love pulling Mommy's hair. 
  • The first week of "school" you slept 11-12 hours every night for five days straight! Mommy was getting spoiled.
  • You now go to bed around 8:30p.m., wake up at 4:00a.m. for a bottle, then go right back to sleep until 7:30 or 8:00 
  • You have started "talking" and sometimes even talk yourself to sleep!
  • Out of all three of my babies you are the easiest to put to bed. There is a vibrating light with lullabies that was in the pack and play that we put on the corner of your bed. If we turn it on you fall asleep in less than 5 minutes.
  • We are out and about a lot. This last month you have been to your brother's soccer games, t-ball games, the club to swim, out to eat, shopping at Target, and to Fort Worth to visit Grandad. 
I love you more than I ever thought possible. I have always wanted a little girl and it is still hard to believe sometimes that you are here and you are mine. I can't wait to see how you grow and change this month.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014


All clean and ready for bed! Lauren is the easiest baby to put down to sleep. We do our usual bedtime routine of bottle, bath, book, prayers, and we put her in her bed awake. She is usually asleep within 5 minutes. Tonight I put her down at 7:29 and she was asleep at 7:30. She must have had a big day at daycare. Last week she was sleeping 11-12 hours without waking up. This week she has been waking up hungry once between 3:00-4:00a.m. It must be a growth spurt. I am so thankful we only have 12 days left of school! This has been the longest 5 weeks ever! I am ready to be home again all the time with this sweet girl. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Date night

I had date night tonight with these two cuties! We went to our school circus performance at a local theater. It was like cirque de soliel but kids from school performing, who have been in circus class all year. We had so much fun!